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About First Solutions, Inc. Billing & Consulting


    We started our business as a medical billing company in 1999. We have continued to grow and now offer practice management consultation.As a billing company we are committed to providing the most accurate, efficient and economical billing management available.Our services have always incorporated excellent patient relations to help generate rapid cash flow and still remain cost-effective.We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of reimbursements allowed for our clients.Our professional team has over 35 years of combined billing experience. We also continue to improve and educate our staff in medical billing and reimbursement techniques.


Benefits of Outsourcing to First Solutions inc, Billing And Consultation Medical Billing:

   First Solutions, Inc. has professionals who are focused and dedicated to secure payments in a timely manner using up to day Medical Billing Companies tools


Our Services Include:


  • Filing of claims; paper &electronic
  • Posting of all payments
  • Insurance follow-up
  • Patient statements
  • Follow-up and filing of appeals on all denied claims
  • Accounts reviewed on a monthly basis
  • Collection process with call to patients on overdue accounts
  • Provide practice with monthly AR reports
  • Reduction in staff recruiting, training and payroll expense.
  • Computer system cost.
  • Phone traffic reduced in the office.
  • Reduction in office supplies and postage
  • Your patients will interact with experts incustomer service to ensure that they fullyunderstand all aspects of their billing questions.In practice management time is a crucial element.The speed at which doctors submit their claimsto insurance companies and statements to theirpatients also determines the speed at which theywill be able to collect payments. At First Solutions,Inc. we understand that while patient care is yourtop priority, the fi nancial health of your practiceaffects your ability to offer the highest level ofcare.


 “First Solutions, Inc. prides itself on the service, integrity and follow-through given to each and every client we serve.”

Barbara Sanner, President